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Ned and Camden in America: #3

Sorry everyone for the horribly long time it took me to get this thing going again. There's a slight change of plans. Camden isn't a teacher, because he is approximately 17 years old (what's wrong with my brain??). So, a... Continue Reading →

Another PictoPrompter!

Yes, a new PictoPrompter came out! I know, I should be posting the next part of our story, but I'm having difficulties with it!! So, I've decided to wait no longer with this and quick post it, and then hope... Continue Reading →


Ok, so this is actually the first time I'm doing one of these PictoPrompter thingys, but here goes. So, basically I wrote a story based off a picture that a great fellow blogger at smudgedthoughts gave me. And here's the... Continue Reading →

Ned and Camden in America: #2

So, we return to the adventures of Ned and Camden and what they face in America! And no, I still haven't found a good picture. But hopefully I will soon, now that it's fully underway. 🙂 I hope you all... Continue Reading →

Ned and Camden in America

Sorry for taking sooo long with this one, everyone, but here it is at last! So, for starters: another story with Ned and Camden won, but I have decided, for those who wanted a historical fiction story, to have this... Continue Reading →

Another Poll

Yes, I know this is horribly late, but I want to know how you all liked the story and whether I should do a sequel (however, if I do, I will probably leave off the Scottish accent. I think we... Continue Reading →

A Two-faced Apple

Maybe you've wondered how such wicked and cruel men like Hitler or Mussolini could rise to power and be able to do the kinds of atrocities that they did, and keep that power for quite a long time. Well, one... Continue Reading →

Ned and Camden

So here are the paragraphs about our two heroes, Ned and Camden. I've also included two pictures so you can have a visual impression of how our heroes look! 🙂 Enjoy! Ned: Ned is a 15 year old teenager who... Continue Reading →

The Results

Okay, the results are in! In first place, with a total of three votes, comes the two paragraphs about Ned and Camden each!! And in second place, we have a tie of two votes for a character interview of Camden... Continue Reading →

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