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A Book Review!!

Ok, so I know minds are being blown, chairs are being turned over, people's eyes are bugging out, and all those sorts of things after the announcement of that title. "Wait. You seriously are venturing out into the world of... Continue Reading →


Short Story

Just a random short story. 😛 Enjoy! The Mothers' Quarrel Claire looked down the length of the wet bridge stonily. The rain, not heeding the black thoughts below, continued to spatter the ground and trace lines down the girl's cheeks.... Continue Reading →

Teaser for: The Road Divided, Book 1

Hey everyone! So, even though I haven't exactly decided whether I'm going to post some chapters of my new story I've been brewing up during Camp July on here, I have decided that I will post a little teaser for... Continue Reading →

OYO #1

Tech troubles: everybody has them sometime in their lives, and most likely repeatedly. Whether you're 20 years old or 200, whether you've recently received a piece of technology (e.g. phone, computer, iPad, etc.) or have been using one for decades,... Continue Reading →

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Happy September 1st, folks! So, remember the Sunshine Blogger Award I had been nominated for? Well... I've been nominated again!! This time for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much, Kenzie, for nominating me!! So here's the bucket list:... Continue Reading →

Ned and Camden in America: #4

Wow, it's been a long time since I have posted anything from our story! Well, we are now onto chapter four, where we find out more about Camden. 🙂 Enjoy!   “How’s your mum?” Ned jumped out of his reverie.... Continue Reading →

End of Camp!!

I'm back, folks!! I will admit, I missed having an active blog to watch and comments to respond to!! Let me say this, I never thought I would get done as much as I did. Camp NaNoWriMo is amazing!!! If... Continue Reading →

“To Bid You, Farewell”

A solitary email, A few whispered words, A breath from a snail, And silence breaks its cords.   Loverofwriting2, unfortunate to hear, is parting from you, this is finally made clear.   But never you fear, you faithful of friends,... Continue Reading →

Ned and Camden in America: #3

Sorry everyone for the horribly long time it took me to get this thing going again. There's a slight change of plans. Camden isn't a teacher, because he is approximately 17 years old (what's wrong with my brain??). So, a... Continue Reading →

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